How to I make this less awkward...?

Hey guys!

Sooooo I am in an apartment suite in Los Angeles. I have a roommate and she is super antisocial, very nice, but she doesn't hang out with anyone except if I have free time and I ask her to play pink pong or something.

I am 19 and she is 19. I am a nursing student with 1.5 years left.

She is Christian, which I respect. I have 3 other ppl I live with, which are cool.

Anyways, my friends and I came home from the baseball game.

She was supposed to text me when she was coming back.

I put a big "Please Do Not Disturb Sign" on the door and LOCKED the door.

My other ppl I live with respected and went to bed.

My roommate came home, did not tell me when she was coming home, ignored the "Please Do Not Disturb Sign", did not knock, unlocked the door, and came in.

I was on bottom and he was on top. So it was everything and anything to be seen.

She literally ignored all of everything.

I am not mad at her, but just disappointed that she ignored the locked door and sign.

I know next time to tell her that I will be having a guy over and to give us privacy.

My roommate told me that she has a mental disability with her emotions reguarding her actions and that was why she ignored the sign.

The resident assistant's had a meeting with us. I basically stated that I have a right to privacy and I know my rights and that I apologize for her seeing that.

And the resident assistants agreed and just mentioned that next time to tell my roommate when that I'm busy in my room with a guy. I didn't initially do this since she is super Christian and sheltered and I was afraid of telling her straight up that we were having sex aka Please do not come in.

She was crying for 2 hours and even called her mom and dad to tell them that she walked in on me having sex.

Anyone else ever get caught having sex as embarrassing as this....?

I feel so bad... Like I feel horrible... I feel so bad that you saw it too. Ugh I know I'm a horroble person. How do I fix this?