I know this group is for women who have actually physically gone through adopting their birth child. But I have sort of a different stories and I'm looking for advice. So I would really appreciate if somebody had any advice at all. Thank you for reading this. Anyways long story short when I was about 12 years old my brother got put in foster care for the fact my birth mother kept going in and out of prison. Finally after years he got adopted by family. They did not want me to have any contact with them for the fact they thought I would tell our birth mom things about his life. So they separated us completely. The adopted parents did not like the spelling of his first name so they kept the same name just changed the spelling of his first name and changed his last name to whatever their last name is. our birth mom is very selfish and likes attention and lies a lot. So last year she told me three years prior my brother passed away. My husband thinks she is just lying for attention. Either way I'm trying to figure out a way to one either find him and reconnect he would have turned 18 this year so it would be his choice. Or if he is unfortunately passed away I would still like to find his adopted parents and learn who he was when he was alive get pictures things like that. I know this is kind of a crazy situation but was wondering if anybody had any advice for me to go forward with this. If you do I would really appreciate the advice because I really have no idea how to go forward with this. Thank you so much for your time and reading this. I have three children of my own and totally respect you women for doing what you think is right 4 your children. you guys are some of the strongest women there are in this world. Thank you for your time