I'm Not Sure What To Do (longer post)

Let me give you some background. My fiancé and I have been together about a year. We are expecting a new addition to our family in Jan.

Recently he has been super obsessive and possessive and jealous. To do the point where he acts funny if I spend to long away from my phone talking to my manager.

He and I have been going around and around about his controlling nature and double standards. He snapchats and texts other women all the time. He deleted Snapchat about two months ago but still texts them and sometimes I check his phone and the texts are there nothing crazy but still there when he says they aren't talking

Now for my problem:

He is a tow truck driver and frequently has to work late or go out on calls in the middle of the night. Last night I made a big dinner because he wasn't supposed to be working late or on call. At 6pm he tells me he is on call and he just got a call he will be home soon. At 7:55pm he tells me he is wrapping up the call and headed home. We live about 40 mins from his shop.

I'm mom and her husband came over to my house to visit with my two oldest children and my mom wanted to hear the babies heart beat using the fetal Doppler I bought. At 10pm he finally pulls into the drive way. And when he walks in I can smell the beer and his eyes are all glassy and bloodshot. After my mom leaves he and I start talking and his speech is slurred. I asked him if he has been drinking and he said only one beer before he got that other call.

He got very upset at how I was saying "okay" to what he told me. He said he felt like the worst boyfriend. He said he felt like a bum and a disappointment and he just went on and on until finally I said I needed to get some sleep.

I woke up this morning around 4 am with a nightmare and I just couldn't sleep anymore. I felt like something was off so I checked his phone again.

On the phone I found that just yesterday he redownloaded snap chat and changed his password for good measure. He also had his photo album up to a picture of him that was taken that was supposed to be for my eyes only but wasn't the whole shabang of you know what I mean. Then his internet app was up and there was a search for "white dicks"

It seems to me like he searched these pictures to send in place of his own. But who was he sending them to? And why?

Also I found in his internet history a lot of porn. But I can understand that because due to a complication in my pregnancy we can't have sex. It just bothers me that he said and continues to say that he doesn't watch "that mess" because he only wants me.

I haven't confronted him yet because I don't know how to feel about all of this or what I should even say.