Contracting an STD. Who is at fault? (Read description)

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So as everyone has probably heard Usher has come under fire for knowingly having unprotected sex with a woman while having herpes and not informing her of his status.

She's suing him for 20 million for currently being infected with herpes. However, his attorneys have countered by arguing that when someone chooses to engage in casual, unprotected sex with a stranger they assume the risk.

In the case of it being a STRANGER (not a relationship, someone you know personally, etc) if someone catches an STD as a result of casual, unprotected sex, who is at fault?

Person A- the individual that was positive, knew of their status and said nothing

Person B - the individual that chose to engage in unprotected sex with someone they didn't know.

C - both

** depending on what you pick, does the type of STD matter/change anything?**

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