Please do not judge.

Please do not judge me, either help me out with a response or don't comment.

Anyways, I've been having a problem ever since I got pregnant and noticed a lot of itching and irritation in my private area.. something didn't seem right, it doesn't hurt when I pee and it doesn't burn at all. I looked in the mirror while bending over to see inside my vagina and i saw these weird looking things inside my vagina along with this huge thing that looks like it's hanging out and it hurts! I have these weird flap looking things inside my vagina, they don't look like warts at all so it can't be that.. I've been tested and everything comes out negative including any sexual diseases they all come out negative so it can't be any of that.. 🤔 What can this be?? Sometimes my vagina will be swollen and I'm not even far along yet for it to even swell yet! My OB seems to not care at all! (I'm trying to switch) hospital had to be the one to sound more concerned when I went for a ER visit when I was bleeding. I know I might get answers like "we aren't doctors" and I dont want to hear it, but I'm just wondering if anyone has had this before and can help?