am I insecure or??


so it was my friends husband's 21st birthday and my boyfriend and I decided to accompany them to a club to celebrate. well long story short, the day we went is when they celebrate bdays and also have a "sext leg" competition. well, my friend and her husband decided to leave before all that started because her husband felt like itd be disrespectful to watch other men get lap dances and also see the leg competition so he bullshited my friend and told her he was tired and wanted to go home so they did. my man and I decided to stay a bit longer to dance but they actually began doing lap dances on the birthday boys by whatever girls wanted to volunteer to lap dance. so there was this one girl of the 4 that volunteered who was really pretty and had a nice body, really nice body, and of all the girls there, my man had his eyes locked on that girl. Like every turn she made, he followed with his eyes. He even began to praise her by saying "oh wow. Yeah. wow." anyways, I tell him that I want to go. He insists to stay and I'm not about to make a scene at the club. well after the lap dances, it was the competition, in which again he had his eyes locked on her and she even began to twerk on him and he allowed it while standing next to me! welp, later we get home, and I'm kind ofupset but I don't really make any comments about it and he continues to ask me what's wrong, anyways, he begins to say "I don't think it should matter if I look at any girls through out the day, I mean at the end of the day I'm coming home to you." Like if I should worry about who he goes home with anyways!!!!!! then he makes another stupid comment about "trust me, if looks, really mattered, I wouldn't be with you." I'm sure it sounded sweeter in his head nut it sure as hell didn't come out like so!!!! ever since then, I've kinda felt different, like I had him on this cloud of things I thought he was, only for this to happen. I was so ready to leave that night 😔