relationship advice

So I've been seeing this guy for almost 4 months now. He says he loves me and I live with him now. He works nights and I work days so our time together is limited but we make time. It just seems like lately he is distant. He just bought me an expensive ass ring for my birthday which was sweet. So maybe he's not loosing interest? I'm just mixed right now. I've never met his friends and only just met his dad last weekend because he swung by. Am I looking into this too much? He doesn't seem to want much on social media. I posted the ring on Facebook and was thanking him blah blah and he didn't want it on his timeline because he said it was boasting.. I mean he allowed it on his page but just weird about it. Idk. He put on Facebook that we are in a relationship but not showing on his timeline. Am I being crazy? Lol TIA. I'm no good at this dating thing anymore.