Help! Family & Friends adore guy bestfriend instead of my boyfriend!

So my bestfriend is a guy and he's very caring, attentive, nothing is ever too much trouble, he has the best manners and is always very polite and happy to chat to people. He's the most thoughtful person I know (always very good at gifts and cards and planning trips away) and very organised. He met my family the other day and all the close family friends and they are all raving about him. My mum practically loves him and has raved to all her other friends about him and even my Dad likes him. He's always just been my friend as he mothers me a lot and I do the same to him ('time to get your hair cut again' 'no, you can't go looking like that') and we aren't attracted to each other in any way.

My parents have met my boyfriend a few times, they've been polite and nice enough to him, he's stayed over and been round for dinner but I had to ask my mum what she thought of him. She said 'Oh yes, he's nice, isn't he.' and just left it at that. Alternatively, she needs no prompting to talk about my bestfriend and texted me straight away after we left saying how lovely he was and how he was welcome back anytime. Now, my boyfriend is a bit quieter but he's also kind and caring and very loving. He's polite but because he's a bit shy it perhaps doesn't come across as strongly. Now my mum is inviting my bestfriend over all the time (with me there too) asking me to bring him back home so a different friend can meet him each time. It's ridiculous and makes me sad because she should have invited my boyfriend to the family event last week and she should be inviting my boyfriend over again this week instead of my bestfriend. I have said to her 'What is the point in me inviting [bestfriends name] over when he's just my friend?' and she said 'Because he's a lovely friend and great fun :D' What do I do?