i told him to leave

Ok so im 18 weeks pregnant , I told my husband last month about the appt of the 20 week scan and im high risk of preterm labor , So they see me every 2 weeks and he hasnt been to any of the appts except the one at 8 weeks , So went today and they did a cervical length and checked lil man out , and all is good , So as soon as hibby comes home he never asked how it went or how our son is doing , ok fine watever then ,So i ask him so you still taking off early the 11th to do the 20 week scan ? And he says ummmm no , i said wait what!! Hes like i need to work , i cant miss work to go to an appt with you . I got upset and he he said what now . I said you told me that you were gona take off esrly  for this appt and now your not . He said no sorry i dont need to go to every appt with you. I said i asked you to take off esrly thats all ,and now you cant because you need the money , hes like ya i have things to pay and , i said oh ya well you never say that when your to hungover  to go to work , or that when you need to go to the junkyard or car parts you take the whole day off , i said this is your baby too not just mine , He stayed quiet and said nothing , So i took the bull by the horns and said ok since you dont want to be apart of this , Then i will do this by myself and you can do whatever you want alone , im done !! So he left . I guess its lil man and me and kids , single momma again 🤷🏻‍♀️