34 weeks down....we don't know how many more to go

Renee • 33 yr old FTM with soon to be 10 yr old daughter. Have a 13 yr old "bonus" daughter and our 🌈 daughters, A'Siah & A'Riah, EDD 10/10/17

I'm so blessed to have made it this far. My first pregnancy, I had my daughter at 33w3d. She spent 8 weeks in the NICU and ending up having 2 emergency brain surgeries....one at 2 mths & the other at 3 mths. Doctors wasn't sure what cause her to come early but she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and now lives with a VP shunt. Second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage......September 8, 2016. Baby Irby passed away at the tender age of 13w3d. It was too early to find out the sex but he/she will always be apart of our lives and heart. Third pregnancy, current pregnancy....God blessed us with didi twin girls. Last month the dr estimate their weight to be roughly 4lbs each. To my surprise, I've gained roughly 10lbs in 2 weeks so I'm scared to see what they may weigh now. I have gestational diabetes and only been gaining roughly 3-5 lbs every two weeks since entering my third trimester. I just want to thank the Lord above for all my blessings!!! I'm beyond thankful and grateful for each and every one of them.

PS - I decided to play around with this weeks photos because we hit a MAJOR milestone in this pregnancy 🙌🏾