help!!! any suggestions?? trying to decide what day sounds best to bd again


update: I got a flashing smiley face today!! so excited!! :).

Ok so tomorrow is 27% chance and Wednesday is 33% chance and Thursday 22% we have already baby danced yesterday and not today. I also had egg white cm today and nothing yesterday along with a low fertility clearblue digital advance test. I didn't take one today but plan on taking one tomorrow. (hopefully I get a flashing smiley face at least) but yeah, soo I'm wondering when would be the best time to baby dance again? if we were to TTC today (Tuesday 27% chance) would that still be a good chance to conceive? or should I wait and see what tomorrows clearblue test says?

oh! and we bd'ed Friday so that's basically been every other day but yeah. 🤷 Baby Dust to all!!