I f**king love my menstrual cup!


So after many Glastonbury's, holding my nose while I balenced atop the big drops, trying my best not to touch the seat and wondering at the stickers before me... What the hell is a moon cup?? I decided to take the plunge and get one! A menstrual cup is a sustainable alternative to tampons and panty liners and I get the impression hardly any girls know about it. Yes the idea of trying to position something up inside you whilst on your period sounds like messy business but honestly I've found it so much cleaner a feeling than the alternatives. With tampons I constantly feel that somethings in me, an uncomfortable feeling not thec good kind ;-) and with panty liners I feel like I'm wearing a nappy and (I'm told I'm the only one that can smell it) but I'm conscious all day that people can smell, that I'm on. I think it's called period paranoia. I bought a organicup and after watching a you tube video th at shows me exactly what's going on in there, it was easy to put in and take out.. It's been months since I bought it and honestly I'd never go back, and knowing that if every woman on the planet switched o this and /or period pants we would reduce such a huge impact on our environment. And the biggest plus of all is that because there's no outside signs that I'm on my period, I can still enjoy oral sex whilst at the time of the month when I'm the most horny! No mess, no smell, just enjoyment.