When will this stop??

Shezza • First time mum to be | Due: 20th April | London | TV Producer | Dairy Free | Vegetarian until ttc now dabbling in fish | Mixed mama

I've had nausea for over two weeks now. It's pretty much constant. I went off food overnight. I have gone from a veggie loving carb-avoider drinking 2 litres of water a day, to a person who can only eat bread and barely manage sips of ginger tea. Yesterday was the first time I actually puked - at work in the staff toilets, as gross as it sounds - I've been off in bed ever since.

Since I've actually thrown up, today is the first day I haven't felt constantly nauseous in weeks, but instead I'm just left feeling totally drained and for the first time I'm starving but I can't think of anything I can stomach. Had 1 piece of toast this morning. And a baked potato with cucumber later.

I'm 1kg lighter than before pregnancy even though my breasts have grown. I'm worried about my bean and about my own health. I'm only getting out of bed to go to the toilet and concerned I'm dehydrated.

Can any ladies out there tell me when this might stop? I know all the books say 12-14 weeks but really hoping some of you might have been through this and then has it pass quickly. Just looking for any rays of light to help me through. Feeling thoroughly rubbish at pregnancy right now.

Hope some of you have some positivity to share.