Possibly pregnant?

My boyfriend works out of state and the last time I saw him was the last week of June so 2 months ago. We did have unprotected sex and we are ready to face whatever consequences and we are not worried. Anyways, a couple weeks after he left I took a test and came up very faint and I didn't pay any mind to it. I've had a period since then but last month ( a week or so ago) my period was 5 days late and was so light I didn't have to use any tampons or pads. Since that I've felt super nauseous all day every day. And I was telling my grandma that I need to see a dr just to make sure nothing is wrong since it was weird to me. Then she was telling me that she had periods throughout all her pregnancies and that it's possible and that now would be the time to feel symptoms. This morning before she even told me all this I went to go eat breakfast and the smell and taste of my breakfast burrito and wanted to puke just by that. Im perfectly fine if I'm not and I'm not expecting to think I am but it just made me think! She told me to get a test to make sure and she's really excited if I am lol anyone else have this experience or think I'm crazy?