Watery discharge?? TMI question, 36 weeks.

Is watery discharge normal at the end of your pregnancy? I'm 36+1 and the same thing happened Sunday (TMI now) where I was just laying there and got a small gush and it was clear with the tiniest bit of white, no smell really and nothing sticky. Today the same thing happened I'm just sitting here and I felt it gush so I checked it was clear I got up to move and it dripped but also had a small amount of white in it and it's enough to wet my underwear, no smell again and not sticky. I see my doctor Thursday and I really don't wanna go in early if I don't have to. Either I have a lot of watery discharge or is it potentially a slow leak? I tried looking online but didn't get much luck. Anyone else have this so I can just relax? I haven't had any cramping today but A LOT of period like cramps over night and last night I was feeling extremely nauseous. Just don't know!!