boyfriends mom


I've been with my boyfriend for 11 months and it's been incredible

he and his mom are VERY close and I like that it's better than not getting along with your mom, I should know...

from the day I met his mom we got along, so much so we even go shopping together and hangout and talk when my boyfriends at work

she even says I'm part of the family and like a daughter to her

I spend a lot of time at my boyfriends house because things aren't so great at mine

but lately I noticed she's been telling my boyfriend stuff I never said, like she will twist my words and because she's his mom and they're so close he'll just take her word for it and lash out at me

so I'm very cautious about being around her now and what I say I don't understand though she says I'm part of the family and then does this?

and she's constantly involved in our relationship, he'll tell her things I told him, in confidence, just like how she's telling him things I said

and he wants me to move in with them?

I don't even want to be here all that much it's not the same...

I talked to my best friend about it whos going through what I am and living with my boyfriend and his family, she said my boyfriends mom might see me as a threat because in the beginning she might've loved me and we get along great but once she realized that Im here to stay she sees me as a threat now, like taking her son away, when we get an apartment together and maybe marriage

I think that's just obsurd she's always going to be his mom, what does she expect? him to live with his parents forever?

what do I do?