Done trying?

Megan • 22 • Married • TTC #1

While in the car on our way out of town this morning, my husband dropped a huge bombshell on me that he has decided he wasn't going to his first fertility appointment today and wants to take a break from TTC after OVER a year and numerous tests on my body thinking I was the reason we haven't conceived.

I wanted to SCREAM but I bit my tongue and held back that tears and simply told him now wasn't the time to discuss it because I didn't want to look a mess at the meeting we were heading to.

We get home and all he has to say about it is he doesn't want to have a kid right now. HE WAS THE ONE BEGGING ME TO START TRYING. Now that I'm emotionally invested and financially invested a year and a half deep into TTC he's just going to stop?

What do I do???? I'm losing my mind right now. I just want to cry. 😭