Is he being a jerk or am I overreacting?

My boyfriend always criticizes me when I send him nudes. Instead of simply calling me sexy he tells me to send him a different pose. In my opinion, he should be happy with my nudes no matter what position I'm in.. because HELLO, it's my naked body. He just said this to me when I told him that him not being happy with what I send and always wanting different makes me feel insecure and makes me not wanna send nudes anymore because he won't be happy with them. "I CARE IF THEY ARE IN THE SAME POSE if i'm receiving it shouldn't it make me happy! that's the whole damn reason your taking them! why the fuck does it care how i want it posed. it's going to be a nude either way can you just fucking do it omg. if it makes me happy why the fuck does it matter. i've sent tons of poses i like and want FROM YOU and yet you say okay you will and never do them. i wouldn't keep fucking mentioning it if after 3 and a half years i would get them. i do things how you want hem to be done if it makes you happy. i make your ducking eggs with cheese because it makes you happy not me. i could just give you plain eggs and call it a day but no i do it how YOU want them so YOU are happy. same fucking thing. now i want certain poses. sorry. but i love your body and wanna see it in different poses. get over yourself. "

Not only that, I've done so many things sexually that I wasn't comfortable with to make him happy. He's asked me soooo many times to make a strip tease video but I think it's weird to strip in front of my camera. I'm just not comfortable doing it yet he continuously asks me and tells me I should want to do everything in my power to make him happy. I feel like I'd be more comfortable making the video if he didn't criticize everything I've sent him. He will probably send me videos of other girls and tell me to do it like them next time.

It's just annoying having a boyfriend who is never happy with what he gets from me. Am I wrong for being upset about this?