Angry !

Maggie • Mommy of gentlemen and one queen ! 2yo gabriel steven and baby Carter james 😍 baby girl ailani due October 16th !

So as of right now my husband and I stay with his parents we are saving to buy a house !:) BUT his brother is so loud at night it's frustrating because his room is right next to ours and every time I tend to lay my son for bed him and his gf (when she comes over) are very loud and talk so loud like they are deaf or have the tv so loud ! And I texted him to keep it down I don't wanna sound like A prude but Iam tired and I just want my son to sleep I feel like he has no respect! My husband works nights otherwise he puts him straight, like even in the morning like at 6 or 7 he is blasting music very loud ! He is 21 yo you would think he would have some common sense , he even has the WORSE attitude! If he is wrong about something he is so stubborn to be right all the time he will literally yell and argue like a freaking brat he even talks to his gf in a disrespectful way when they will have a simple conversation and if he's wrong all hell breaks lose , Iam just so sick of him and can't wait to soon be out of here ! So I can have my quiet home and get some freaking peace and quiet for once ! And as Iam typing this my son just woke up because they are talking so loud ! I just had to vent uggggghhhhh