us woman need to stick together!!


This weekend I had an ex hitting me up. he's married, and I know he's cheated on her before. I SHUT HIS ASS DOWN and he didn't want to stop. so what did I do? I RESPECTFULLY messaged his wife to let her know what's up. she felt horrible and was super embarrassed so I gave her a little pep talk. with so many people willing to be someones side piece we need to start standing up and letting them know it's not ok. i wouldnt want my fiancee in some other womans inbox, why is it so hard for people to say no and let the significant other know. Your boyfriend/ girlfriends job isn't to make you look stupid behind your back. don't stand for it! there are tons of faithful men out there. marriage is no longer death do us part with how easily thousands of new people are at our fingers.