When to see doctor?

Bit of a funny question, I'm just not sure what to do. I currently have a nasty cold, it's only been about four days so not really serious yet, but I feel sooooo bad. My head is pounding, constantly bringing up thick green snot, and my throat is so swollen swallowing really hurts, coughing just makes me retch. I'm 21w2d today, and I know being sick during pregnancy is more of an issue than not during pregnancy. If I wasn't pregnant I would probably just try and push through it, but not sure if that is the best option at this stage. I have been taking vitamin c and lots of honey and lemon honey drinks, basically camped out on the couch, drinking heaps of water, and taking (only) Panadol two or three times a day.

So I guess my question is, in my position, would you go to the doctors or just try and rest and look after yourself until it passes? Or what stage would you consider it important to see a doctor? Apart from having really bad morning sickness earlier on, my pregnancy hasn't had any other complications or issues.

I just feel like I'm dying 😩 ugh