Should I start clomid?


Hi ladies!

I am 27 and my husband and I have been TTC for about 8 months now. I have had many cysts in the past and currently have one that is only .5 cm. After struggling to conceive for a few months, thinking there was a delay after removing my Nuevo ring, I visited the doctor a couple of months ago and had her test my hormone levels and do an ultrasound. Results were all normal but I am definitely not ovulating based on my bbt readings, cm, and multiple negative opks. My job is extremely stressful on top of my normal OCD related anxiety and there are just so many reasons why I might be experiencing annovulation. When would you all recommend medical treatments to encourage ovulation? Are there risks that you have all experienced with TTC using Clomid or similar drugs?

Any advice anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to feel like something is wrong with me but doctors don't seem invested in helping me.