My partners family are soooo overbearing and controlling especially my monster in law! She is beyond controlling!

Yeah When I gave birth to our daughter I had 16 people in the delivery room walk in from his family... uncles, aunties, cousins, mum, dad and brothers although my vagina was out and I was delivering my placenta... none of them left? It was awkward as fuck! This time I don't want ANY visitors until I am ready. He thinks it is me being nasty and playing "favourites" as my mum will be at the birth as she has been for both of my previous births. I can't say anything to his family in person because they will make a huge drama out of it and I cant be bothered with that.

Any ideas of a post I could put on Facebook for all friends and family? I can't find the words 😩Baby brain! I don't know how to approach it and it's stressing me out!