Little vent /:

Daisy • 21 - proud momma of Sebastian & currently expecting Stella or Sheppard, engaged & doing my best in life!

My fiancé and I just celebrated our 1 year olds birthday right with our 2 year anniversary, and we are currently trying for another after a lot of thinking and planning we finally decided we'd really like a second one.

But with all this stress going on in our lives, we have been trying to spend time together and work on our relationship. But he works a very demanding job 12+ hours a day and the space has been really hard on us both.

And for a couple days now I've been really craving cigarettes again.. but I have no intention on smoking since I quit over two years ago and am happy without them. But I tried to talk to him about how I feel and how I'm craving them again and now we're in the middle of a huge fight because he thinks I'm trying to manipulate him into letting me smoke and he's really mad at me.

I don't know what to do /:

Sorry I just really needed to say it somewhere ): thank you for reading ):