Anyone's partner an alcoholic?

I'm having a tough night :(

My husband has a bit of a drinking problem, I say 'bit' because he isn't non-stop drinking, he drinks every other night about 6 cans of lager. The reason it's a problem is that he's doing it for the wrong reasons - he's using it as a coping mechanism for when he's stressed, and it's any excuse (celebrating, being social, stressed out, it's a sunny day etc.)

When he's had a drink his personality changes, he's either acting overly fun/annoying or he is short tempered and snaps at everything causing us to row.

He's promised for 2 years now to cut down on the drinking and only drink for the right reasons but he hasn't changed his drinking habits at all.

We've just had a baby and I just want him to have the best upbringing not around this :(

My husband's got it a bit tough at the moment, he's been on antidepressants for a while, we're in a tight financial situation, and his ex has stopped us from seeing his children for totally selfish reasons (and probably out of jealousy), so he is struggling.

I've told him the toll his drinking is taking on our relationship so many times and he still continues. He has admitted he has a problem and promises not to drink as often but then constantly breaks his promise.

Tonight we argued over his drinking and he accused me of taking one of his beers, so I got annoyed and counted out his empty cans from the bin to prove I wasn't lying and it resulted in a shouting row. He blamed me for the drinking, said that I nag him all day and drive him to drink, the only way he can put up with me is by drinking.

I asked him why he is still with me then and he said the only reason is because we have a baby. He said he can't put up with me so I got upset and said he wont have to much longer (I was upset and annoyed with him never taking me seriously, I've told him time and time again that it's ruining us and makes me want to leave but he doesn't take me seriously as I obviously never act on it), and so then he starts telling me to leave, and when I calmed down and said I'm not but we need to work through this, he said he will leave in the morning.

I'm at the end of my tether, I hate the drinking but I love him, his comments about only being with me because of the baby really hurt but I don't think that's true. I dont know what to do, he's a very stubborn man and I don't want him to leave in the morning but now he's said it he probably will.

We're supposed to be at my parents for dinner tomorrow and I don't want to face them or tell them if we haven't made up by then.

I just feel alone and I don't know how to deal with the situation, any advice would be helpful