Can i please get some advice

K so ya'll i need some advice abt dis thing that happened and i have legit no complete clue what to do abt it. So i noticed this guy first when he was in my choir and we had some brief interaction and i think we were mutual and both kinda liked each other but we didnt do anything abt it. And then i had a party and invited ppl who were his friends so he showed up as well and we ended up making out. And i wasnt rly sure and i overthinked shit and plus i was kinda drunk at my party but he was sober. He told me he liked me before my party and asked for my number and texted me and stuff and idk i was just a bit confused and overthinking he was gonna play with my feelings so i ended up kinda ignoring him. And i sorta just replied late and said we shud be friends and soon just stopped talking to him. We met again at another party but i was wasted again and my friend kept me away from him so we didnt talk or hookup or anything. But then after i lowkey regretted it and our mutual friends told me he was really sad abt it and that he was a decent guy and that i shud give him a chance. So i accepted his fb requests and added him on sc and stuff and started talking to him on sc. ofc he was a bit hurt so we were kinda cold but then i think he was indecisive and he chatted me up first a few times as well so i felt like he was still keen on me and stuff. And we tried to arrange meet ups but it just never happened coz it was unsuccessful and we were gonna meet at the library and then he stood me up and texted me saying he was sick at home and stuff. And so we just never got a chance to do much but we just didnt stop chatting and still streak each other and talk till this day. And the other day i was drunk and drunk texted him and the following ss is what happened, it is so cringe to me to read but i literally need some advice lol.