Baby hog ??

I originally planned to pump my milk and bottle feed my daughter. I never had an interest in breast feeding but my pump didn’t come in time so I was forced to breast feed and I absolutely love it. My baby looks so happy and content during feedings and I love the bonding experience.

I think my boyfriend wishes he could help feed her. He says I hog the baby and that makes me upset and angry bc I don’t think that’s what I’m doing at all. She’s 16 days & we’ve given her a bottle a few times ( in the first few days my nipples were very sore so I tried to bottle feed at night to 1. Help my bf feel more included 2. Give my nipples a break but she started having a hard time latching ; there’s a few times I had to run to the store and my bf fixed a bottle for her she either screamed or just played around with it )

I personally don’t want to bottle feed her rn. The milk is not as warm & it’s not really the same bonding experience. Am I being selfish ? Should we slowly introduce bottles to make my bf feel more included? What are some other ways i can help him feel important ? He changes diapers & I let him try to soothe her when she’s crying even though he’s never usually successful. I realize breastfeeding means she has to spend majority of the day w me esp when she eats every 2-2.5 hours but I don’t want him to resent me.