Did they attempt to stop labor for you at 35 weeks or later?

October Momma ā€¢ 22 year old happily married mother of boy girl twins, Emma and Alden, born 10/11/17šŸ˜Š

I'm 35 weeks with twins. I've already done the steroid shots in case I go into labor early and both babies have passed all their "tests" with flying colors. I'm honestly hoping to have them soon mainly because I've become RH sensitized so their level of anemia keeps getting worse and then better but it isn't reaching a critical enough level that the doctors will do anything about it. I'm worried I'll end up losing one or they'll take a turn for the worse before one of my ultrasounds and it'll mean an emergency c-section. So I'd rather just go ahead and have them but I didn't know if they'll attempt to stop labor if you start before 37 weeks. If you went into labor at 35 weeks or so, did they attempt to stop labor?

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