OB/GYN consultation

Danielle • Currently TTC #3 with my soulmate 😍😍😍

Went to my OB/GYN appointment this morning even though it hasn't been a year of TTC yet. My temperature at the doctor showed I have a low grade fever and since my last period was very unusual for me, she ordered a urine test to check for pregnancy. Negative of course so she sent me home with a form referring us to their partner fertility clinic for a semen analysis for my hubs. What broke my heart this morning was that the walls are a bit thin so I could hear in the next room the sound of a baby's heartbeat on the monitor. I instantly broke down into tears when I heard it. Such a beautiful sound but heartbreaking at the same time for me. I guess I'm a little emotional today. Doctor told me if we haven't conceived in the next 6 months, she'll run a number of tests to see what's up. I'm so glad I chose this doctor, as she actually listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions, unlike the last doctor!