Rook piercing


So I got my rook pierced August 15th, so almost 2 months ago. I know it’s too early to change it, even though I want to do bad. But, I’ve looked and looked and before I got my piercing I saw so many types of jewelry that I liked for a rook piercing, and now I can hardly find anything that I like! I want to buy a few pieces and a spacer since I will hopefully begin my teaching career in another year or so, so that I will have them when I get ready to change. I love the plain barbell in my ear, but I want options. Does anyone have any inspiration? I don’t want anything too gaudy. That’s why I love my rook piercing because it sort of plays peak-a-boo! Lol

The picture is from right after I got it, and it looks perfect now. I just didn’t know if everyone knew what a rook piercing was!