Start Clomid tomorrow


So Ive been struggling with Infertility for quite some time now, about 7-8 years! Well ive already been blessed with a daughter which will be 9 next month & my bf & i have been ttc & nothing. So i was going to my first obgyn sadly due to cervical precancerous cells at the very young age of 19 which now im free of after 8 years, all she would say is i should be able to get pregnant, that abnormal cells had nothing to do with it, but never did further testing nothing! I switched drs about a year ago & started seeing another gyn & he ran tests ultimately saying i had hormonal imbalance he started me on Metformin back in February & tried to see if it would regulate & i was able to ovulate & get pregnant on my own, still nothing. In September after months & months on Metformin & still nothing he finally gave me Clomid. Which i start tomorrow! Im kinda scared/anxious idk why, but i just wanted to share with you ladies & also know about your stories on Clomid. Was it successful for you? After how many cycles? Any words of wisdom? Thank you so much! Have a blessed night/day!💕