When is it time?


So I am on pregnancy #3. I have had three VERY different pregnancies and so far two very different labors. I am 34w 4d and have been having contractions for several days that are super painful and then others that are just strong with minimal pain. This is often accompanied with sharp painful pressure in my cervix and rectum area. My first pregnancy I ended up going into L&D; because of the sharp pain in cervix and they told me I was in labor. I wasn’t even having contractions. Second pregnancy I woke up to extremely painful contractions that eliminated any doubt that I was in labor. Both babies I had at 36 & 37 weeks. So with me coming up on 35 week I am concerned that I may be close to going into labor. When do you know exactly when your in labor? I am not wanting to labor in the hospital for more time than necessary. When did you know you were in labor? How long before you went into hospital?