Sex and early pregnancy??? Is it bad??

Mandi • Married to my best, I'm Parapeligic, 30!!!! I have 16 angel babies in heaven! Trying for my first full term pregnancy. 🙏 for a miracle!! God Bless!!!

I'm possibly 6-7 weeks pregnant and me and my husband just had sex for the first time in over a week I've been having cramping and back pains lately and up until tonight I was scared to do anything cause I've been thinking I could be trying to miscarry am I being crazy for abstaining from sex? I feel guilty for making my husband wait but if I'm pregnant I really don't want to lose it! My first appointment is October 13th and I'm just trying to hope for good news and I hope having sex didn't hurt anything that's possibly there since I've had positive tests last week! I'm just having conflict within myself about it!!