First Time BF Momma


so guys I need some help! We started our journey with breastfeeding in the hospital which wasn't going bad, but my daughter doesn't like opening her mouth very wide and at the time she had a problem with putting her tongue to the roof of her mouth. They told me basically I'd either have to syringe feed her or give her a bottle and didn't inform me that she would possibly get a preference on nipples. I chose to bottle feed because I felt that the syringe feeding while putting my finger in her mouth made a bigger mess than she was actually getting to eat. Once we got home I kept trying to breastfeed but after 3 or 4 days home I decided to exclusively pump. It went really well and she has started gaining her weight back well too. She will be 2 weeks old on Thursday and while she's still super young I'd love to work on nursing still. She will latch, but she gets frantic and sometimes latches then pulls herself off or she will only nurse for a few minutes and I read she needs to nurse at least 10 minutes. Can any of you mommas give me advice on how to successfully breastfeed my sweet girl and how to make it less painful a process. I think I've recracked my nipples trying to work with her, but I know it's all worth it💓