help ????

Okay quick question so I told my boyfriend I was pregnant the other day he look stunned I was excited I know give it time to sink in we have talked about baby's in the past and he's always been on and off and he made it open that he wanted one with his ex ( I saw a post he had tagged her in on Facebook memorys about having a baby ) he was o it with her for 3 months I have been with this guy a year and I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant with his baby the first night after me telling him he was super Moody and ratty with me and didn't really talk he just snapped and said he didn't want to talk about it the next day he was the same then I got really upset and he was being super nice the past few days he's gone back to being ratty and being funny with me and avoiding the baby conversation and being really blunt I have told him he's upsetting me and making me feel like sh*t but he just kinda avoids it and says well I'm I'll how do u think I feel I have told my parents but he hasn't told his yet .......... What do you guys think??