Positive for Herpes

So..... I was called today and was told I tested positive for herpes. GREAT. I felt like my heart sank, and it started to beat as fast as it could. No stopping. I feel kind of gross. I just can't process this right now. It's almost as being told my mom died. I felt like my world has ended. I look at my daughter and ask myself how I could have done this to her? I am so mad I could punch anyone or anything on my way right now. My fiancé is being very supportive and said he won't leave me cause who knows maybe he could have gave it to me and he just doenst know cause he hasn't tested in 5 years. And we've only been together for 2. I'm just so sad and feel like he thinks I am grossed or nasty or I slept with so many people which I didn't!

And I'm here asking God, why me?!!!! I'm so mad.