Nadia • Trying to stay positive and becoming an individual in society 🤓

I have literally never felt insecure about my boobs but recently I've felt worse than ever, I've always read that its normal to have uneven boobs but I feel like mine are too small like compared to each other it's so noticeable and it's just been making me less and less confident I don't know what to think or do or say but my whole mind is just thinking I'm never going to want to show off my body again like bathing suits or tight clothes . You can't tell when I wear clothes but it's becoming a problem with my bra, there's always a noticeable gap when I look down , I'm 16 and no breast cancer has run in the family, I'm just super insecure about my boobs now . Plus the sizing is so much smaller and I feel like I need to conceal myself more when I'm all for being confident and working what I got but still , it makes me sad.

Anyone have the same problem ? How do u fix that problem and get over insecurities that actually exist ?