A letter to you


Dear you,

You may have a relationship right now, maybe you’re getting over one, thinking of entering one or maybe you have never had one. Chances are at some point in your life you will have one. Always remember that it’s okay to feel completed by someone but know that you can be whole without that person too. Maybe instead of seeing you and that person as puzzle pieces, look at you and that person as complimentary items. Milk and cookies, honey and lavender and etc. You guys will be fine on your own but you can be so great together. Thinking this way can help with more than just a break up. Sometimes things come up where you can’t see your partner for extended amounts of time and it’s important to remember that you are still something when they aren’t by your side. And if it is a break up it’s especially important to remember you are your own person. Maybe honey and lavender was good, but you are still honey when the lavender is gone and maybe when you’re ready you can become honey and something new. Honey and tea. Be a part of someone and let someone be a part of you, but know that you are still something even when a partner isn’t there.