Should I be concerned?

Rebecca • Mommy to a beautiful baby girl born October 24,2017 💗

Hey ladies so I’m 38 weeks 1 day. I got up to take my daily morning pee, well on my pad I had dark brown discharge (not a huge amount like a quarter size), then after I peed I wiped and there was light pink on toilet paper with tiny dots of bright red but they were pretty tiny, it was like that for like 3 wipes. I had this happen once before however it was more of streaks of bright red rather than just tiny dots and i went to L&D; and everything ended up being fine, so I was thinking about just watching the spotting and making sure it doesn’t worsen or anything rather than going into the hospital if it’s not needed. And no I haven’t had sex or cervix check that would’ve irritated my cervix but I’ve had spotting (the light pink) quite a lot since 28 weeks and the bright red just that once as mentioned before but doctors always checked and said everything was fine. Also, baby is moving perfectly fine as well, actually she’s going pretty crazy as I’m typing this. Has anyone else got this before though? My pregnancy has been quite different than anyone else I know 😭

P.s Not going anon, please don’t leave hate on here, I’m a first time mom.