15 Pounds Down!


Last time I checked my weight I was 220 pounds and I’m 5’2 as well as 17 years old. You could imagine how upset I was finding out I was considered fat. I do have very muscular legs, they are almost all muscle.

I went to my local clinic today to get checked up on how I’m doing with my birth control pills. They had to take my weight and I’m proud to say I lost 15 pounds in about 2 months! I changed my diet completely, stopped eating major amounts, and worked out. I ended up almost crying when I saw my weight was 205. I still have about 50 pounds I would like to lose (before grad). It seems like a lot to lose, but I’m more motivated now! I’m starting to love my body more each day, and loving how it looks. I’ve also went down 3 sizes in jeans so the ones in the picture are actually too big to wear now ☺️ and yes I do have stretch marks but it’s okay.