MIL won't get tdap 🙄

I don't know what to do. I told her she needed to get it and needed to make sure her shots were up to date since she plans on being around the baby a lot. She said "he needs germs to gain immunity, he'll be fine" so I explained to her again that he won't be able to receive all vaccinations right when he's born and must rely on those around him to be up to date and (she thought it was my husband texting her) then she said "plenty of people came to see you when you were born that weren't vaccinated, not everybody can get shots" like uhm yeah exactly not everybody can get shots, meaning my newborn child. I don't understand why she's being like that. She has insurance and has had vaccines meaning she isn't against them. But oh well. Guess she can just see pictures of him till he's old enough to receive all his shots. *I know he'll be exposed to plenty of people who aren't vaccinated just from being in public (doctors visits, stores etc) but we plan on keeping him in as much as possible. I'm not going to keep him in a bubble or anything but it's not like a stranger is going to be in close contact with him holding/touching him either. I just feel like if she wants to be involved as much as she acts she could get a simple shot. Idk what are your thoughts? Am I being a bitch or ? *also didn't know exactly where to post this and figured since I'm pregnant, my feelings fit fine here*