Toddler medicine


So my 2 year old cousin has been sick for awhile now the doctor gave us Claritin but it didn’t help with his fever so when he stroked a high fever we took him to the hospital where they advised us to give him children’s ibuprofen so we bought some but it seems to make the cough worse and he seems to get an adrenaline rush from it because he acts crazier than usual but it helps his fever but not the rest of his symptoms like runny nose, red eyes, cough, etc. so I don’t know if I can mix these two together or him I can’t call his doctor because her office is closed right now and the hospital won’t give me information over the phone they say to bring him in to answer any questions and I’m not taking him out in the cold right now and I can’t find anything online about it either but the poor baby can’t sleep tonight due to his cough any advice oh and both doctors advised me to give him 2.5 ml as needed