TRIGGER WARNING ; burnt garlic bread 🙄

Phoebee • Pregnant with my first, due 17th june 2018 ! Conceived first month trying, was a miracle, as my endo got to the stage I was told my chances were sooo low & it's now or never, I'm blessed I got now & not never ! ♥️ here's to the next 9 months 🤰

Last night I went out for tea where my partner works & he knows how I like my food so this is why this is so much more upsetting, well he sent out my garlic bread and mind you this was the first time I'd eaten all day because of the darn nausea.. but get this, it was burnt !! Boy your playing with fire im pregnant and apparently hormonal enough to CRY in the restaurant over being served burnt garlic bread.. Yep so my hormones have officially taken over & apart from nausea (which I can deal with to an extent because I have that most day from crohns&colitis;) I really don't have any other side affects, but wowsers the hormones... me & my friend laughed it off so it looked like I was laughing so much there were tears thank god but wowsers, please tell me I'm not the only one ! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂