Do you think infants are aware that you're stressed?

Let's say you're watching a fussy baby and it's stressing you out. The baby is kicking, screaming, turning red in baby rage and nothing you do helps.

There is a baby in my daycare like this and I don't get stressed out, I mean I do but I dont if that makes sense. Instead of getting really irritated or even angry I just hold her and baby talk to her and rock her. She could be kicking me in the face and I'd be like "you is cute tho" and act like the crying doesn't bother me. *this is definitely when she is changed, fed, and a-okay. Her needs are met but shes in a rage.

Because of this, she is handed to me all the time. I am the only one he will calm down for. Its not that they get mean with her, they just get way to frustrated and stressed way too fast. They call her my baby and call me in there just to hold her. She likes me.

And I think its because she can sense when someone is frustrated with her. I think all babies can sense frustration or any mood that's going on around them. Does that make sense? Or am I just crazy? I tried to explain this to them. If you just calm yo self she will calm down, too.