nipple pain


Ok ladies i need help! After 2 weeks of pumping due to my baby wouldn't latch, i had an appointment with a consultant lactation today and she got him to latch with a nipple shield. I have been latching him with the nipple shield all day and now my nipples are cracking and super sore!😭 she told me that he have to learn to suck on my nipple because he is too used to suck on the bottle and pacifier that pulls on my nipple to hard. I really want this to work! Any advices on latching him with a nipple shield? (He won't latch without it because he is used to the bottle and my nipples are too short and even if he opens his mouth but he still suck on them like is a bottle) any advice on how to heal my nipples? (They are killing me😭) thank in advance! Im desperate! I have another appointment on Wed with her. when does stop hurting?