He’s playing games now


So I’ve been with my live in bf for 2 years next month. I gave him keys to our place for our 1 year anniversary. (Major step for me personally) but love it now! Well he’s taking several steps back, and I don’t know how to deal with this situation.

Back about almost a year ago, I was in our bedroom and he was in the living room like always. Someone was at the door, I didn’t hear or get up from bed. Maybe 30 minutes later I did realize someone did come knock on my apartment door. (I heard when he closed the door) I asked my bf and he could never hold a secret longer then he can hold his poop. He spills the beans immediately. He said the superintendent of our building came to complain about the lobby smelling like marijuana. And he smokes. Mind you we live in the first floor of an apartment complex.

I have fans on two windows that exhaust out to the street. Why is the building smelling like weed! Totally irresponsible of him! Why open the door when the smoke is going to smack this old man in the face? Why not come tell me he’s at the door before even opening. I would have told him to come back later that we were busy. I do this cus this superintendent is very nosey. And w live directly above him and his family. He said he’d call the office if it happens again.

Moving forward to now, his friend was over a few weeks ago to smoke w him. My BF while laughing told his BFF that the superintendent had come on another occasion! So he can keep a secret if it’s convenient for him? Smh I said wtf why did this happen again and why did you open the door? I set up the place so that this doesn’t happen. When I lived alone no one complained bout me ever. He starts arguing w me saying that he didn’t tell me cus he didn’t want to get me mad. The first time he confessed to me that the fan was off!

It’s my lease renewal month. I signed for another two years so that my rent won’t increase till then. I sent it out September 25th. They still haven’t sent it back. I’m so nervous for what can happen. No letter or warning just the supers complaints.

Now our relationship just changed yesterday. I told him I’m afraid to get kicked out or not have a binding lease for my reassurance. And that I don’t want weed smoking here anymore. He got dressed and said I’ll smoke w my friends in the park. He does this all the time so it’s nothing new. Just my peace of mind.

He’s never late. Always gets home around 7pm. Last Night he got home at midnight. And today he left extra early like noon. To go smoke outside w his friends. So now it’s affecting our living. He hates if I go out late but he’s doing this now. He will be getting home late again tonight. He said so. I told him that trying to punish me isn’t going to let him smoke here again. I’m enjoy the clean air and no issues w neighbors or superintendent. Wtf am I to do with this dude. He’s 30 years old! I’ve accommodated his smoking and every few months even have smoked w him but I get dizzy from it so why continue? So I stopped. We tried him smoking in the bathroom. We have no kids and won’t be having any. So smoking in a designated area is smart. Well it annoys him so I always give in. Not this time!

Ladies I’d love to hear what you’d do in my position. I miss him already. We are great together. I’m older then him (but look younger then him) So I’m super mature and have always been able to handle the small stuff. This is balling into something bigger. Just as our 2 years anniversary is nearing he pulls this crap.😏😒😫 I shouldn’t have let it get so bad so I feel partly to blame. Thanks for reading🤓