UPDATE 2: You ARE the Father...


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So we get there 15 minutes late due to an odd amount of traffic. We're now worried that if he had decided to actually show, he probably left already since he didn't seem so eager to meet him in the first place - but still, we decide we'll go in and look for him.

Before we got out of the car we sat there for a minute, I have my husband a kiss and tight hug since I could see how nervous he was and reminded him how loved and blessed he is.

We go inside, half expecting his father not to be there, and then my husband spots a man in sunglasses (even though it's nighttime), sitting far to the left against the wall staring at the door to enter. We start to walk in and right before we get there my husband panics and tells me to turn and keep walking. Sensing that he may not want to go through with this I decide to be the smooth ninja I am and take a photo of his father quickly for him - all I got was a blurry picture of the table which at least put a smile on my husband's face when we were huddled in a corner on the other side of the restaurant, trying to figure out what we were going to do. My husband his back to his supposed father this whole time, but this man kept staring at him from behind

I asked my husband what he wants to do, and reminded him that this is happening on his terms and if he wanted we could leave.

He decided to go approach the man, so here we walk, me following behind ready for whatever comes my way.

My husband walks up to the man and asks him, "Are you Ken?". There a moment of silence while I stand next to my husband staring at both men like

He finally says yes and asks us to sit down.

Now my heart is pounding more than ever, full of anger, fear for my husband, rage, confusion, relief, anything you can imagine. They start talking, although it was quite difficult to understand him due to the language barrier and we gathered whatever information we could from this man who did not look a thing like my husband.

He was small, frail, full head of hair (my husband shaves his head), super tanned, but oddly enough, I found him somewhat adorable (like I do all old people) and no longer was full with as much anger as before seeing this aged man all alone, sitting at a McDonald's trying to speak to his son whom he barely understood and vice versa. Now I said I wasn't full with AS MUCH anger upon seeing his appearance, but his responses were a different story - so he caught the business end of my attitude frequently.

He kept referring to my husband NUMEROUS as an "accident" which irritated me to my core but I could see on my husband's face how much that word stung each time he heard it. I ended up eventually chiming in and telling Ken my husband was NOT an accident, but rather an unplanned blessing.

All in all the conversation was okay and he said the reason he mentioned a lawyer the day before was because he was nervous. He's now 70, apparently his parents, nor siblings ever knew of my husband and he lived his life for the most part as though Jason never existed. He says he paid child support but could not remember for how long, he said as long as he was supposed to though, that he was around until my husband was 2 and then he was told to leave.

Apparently my "darling" mother in law told him she no longer cared for him and told him not to come around anymore. Ken says he does not like trouble so he did as she said and went to court and agreed to her terms for custody. A part of me believes him, seeing his reaction today and although it doesn't pardon his absence I'm getting a better idea of what happened.

He asked my husband about a scar on his face, and Jason mentions that he got it when he was a child when he hit the side of a table. This prompts my husband to ask his father about the scar on the back of his head... his father said he does not know what he is referring to.

My husband had been told my his mother since he was a child that that scar was the result of a huge argument his mother and father had where he pushed her down the stairs while she had him in her arms and the back of his head was cut.

Funny enough, Ken had no idea what he was talking about and seemed so taken aback that anyone could say this about him. He genuinely seemed concerned and shocked about this, and kept saying "no" over and over again in a baffled way.

So now, my husband and I want to know the real story behind his scar. His mother claims that's what made her leave his father but Ken says it's because she told him she no longer wanted to be with him. Jason's mother also said she has 2 miscarriages before having him and was actively trying to get pregnant, but Ken says Jason was an accident (he said this at least 20 times tonight). Now I'm thinking this was a trap gone wrong.

So now I'm like, this woman has probably been lying to my husband his whole life!

I do NOT put this past that witch since she's lied to my husband about me in the past about the most freaking random things!

She claimed last year I sent her a hate text last for New Years telling she how much I hate her when I said nothing but nice things (see images below)

Where in that is anything hateful? That woman is crazy! She's lied to me and told me my husband had sent had texts as well for other things saying she could come on vacation with us a year ago when he never did and he was the one who told me he did not want her there when I offered 😳

Now my husband is confused, upset and lost as to where to go. He's going to go to lunch with his mom soon to talk to her about everything and I have a feeling shit is going to hit the fan. She flips shit whenever she is caught in a lie, starts screaming, crying obnoxiously, desperately tries to pull more lies from her ass and throw anyone she can under the bus.

So I guess the next step is to talk to his mom, and see what happens...

Update 3:

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