Tonight was the first time we kinda got the question we hoped to avoid.

So a little background. My boyfriend and I were a couple for a couple of years and then broke up. Stayed friends and a semi-couple for a few years and recently we officially became a couple again and almost instantly started project baby, but nobody knows.

So last night we were at a Halloween party with friends, and one of them told us time was running so we had to get busy if we want to have some children cause we are getting old. And then he was like not that I know if you wanna have children or you could have a cat insted. As soon as my boyfriend felt where the conversation were going he left to get a beer, sneeky bastard, so I had to talk me out of it without revealing that we are trying. I thought ppl wouldn't ask as we haven't been back together for more than a few months so I was totally unprepared. What do you do when you get the question?