10/29 temp spike! and verrrrry positive opk? *update*


okay so had what were positive opks yesterday... thought for sure that was O day, but got this very dark opk this morning with smu... bit also a temp spike of a whopping .73! i did have some alcohol at the hallpween party last night... but now im confused!!! did i already ovulate yesterday... or is it still coming? never really gor any ewcm this cycle though, some mixed in with watery, but, not like normal. ugh. this is such a confusing journey. i hope O is still pending because hubs drank wayyyy too much and could not bd πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” i was sooo mad at him!! what to do what to do

(tonights opk) still positive but not as dark as this morning.