Will I get fired because I’m going on maternity leave?


I posted about this situation recently so anyone who read that post I’m sorry!

I live in Texas and in Texas there is the FMLA. However, it is only applicable for those who have worked with the company for a year. I have worked there for 7 months and by the time I have my baby it will be 9 months. I work a PRN position and they usually don’t hire for that, they hire full time and if the hours don’t work out for you you will go to PRN.

Recently I saw a posting for PRN position on indeed.com. This is weird to me because like I said they don’t usually do that. They have needed new employees lately so it makes sense they’re hiring, just weird to me they’re hiring for PRN. In addition to that position, they had a job posting for full time and a lead position. Since my maternity leave is coming up do you think they’ll fire me? I am not protected under any laws that I know of. I haven’t gotten written up or have gotten in trouble. Me and a few other girls have been negative about the job recently due to recent changes, and at the recent staff meeting they made a blanket statement about not being negative in the workplace. But other than that, I haven’t done anything wrong that they’ve directly told me about. What do you guys think??